Marcus Cederberg

Marcus Cederberg

We are all living in an era of endless distraction and constant input. Channeling a sense of calm, Marcus Cederberg translates society's intrinsic need for a slower pace into minimalist photographs.

Striking in its simplicity, Marcus' work immediately grabs the onlooker’s attention. Contrary to what you would expect, what most stands out in his work is its overtly minimalist nature. As Marcus explains, the maximization of empty space allows him to foreground certain details: “With my images I try not only to make the viewer feel curious, but also to tell a little story. And doing that through negative space can be a real challenge sometimes!”

His work has been displayed at some of the largest photo events in the world and also graced the walls of galleries in Germany, India, Hong Kong, Denmark and Sweden. Marcus is also represented by Fotografiska - the Swedish Museum of Photography.

His ”less is more” message echoes from his Instagram where he has become a minimalistic influencer with over 160,000 followers.

Marcus has been featured in many exhibitions and galleries over the last decade, including:

Black Door Gallery - Örebro, Sweden - 2017
Print Swap Holiday Exhibition - New York 2018
Indian Photo Festival - Islamabad, India - 2019
Chez Trente - Hong Kong - 20219
Designergroup - Berlin, Germany - 2020
Sammys - Hong Kong - 2020
Pictures of the pandemic - Träslottet, Arbrå -Sweden - 2020
Bien Contemporary Gallery - Copenhagen, Denmark 2021-2022


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